Conventions that guide on the mix and match of the best lighting fixtures.

Conventions that guide on the mix and match of the best lighting fixtures.

There is a myriad of elements that need to be considered while embellishing a room. And while the giant hunks of the puzzle- stuff like rugs, paint and furniture might take up the major part of our attention, it is literally the tiny accents that make our space complete and lively. Although lamps and lighting might all the times not be at the crest of our list, it is undoubtedly amongst the significant elements of any space or room. 

With scores of new decorating patterns and styles, we could say that there is no limitedness of options for your lighting fixtures for your décor. Here is a fleet of do’s and dont’s that ensure that your space is lit appropriately.

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Do’s of the mix and match of lighting fixtures

Frame a spotlight:

Your core point or spotlight can be a solo light fixture- a quirky lamp or a captivating chandelier, yet it does not need to be. Lighting can be utilized to drive attention to that one element in your space that you need to highlight. It can be a fireplace mantel or an exquisite piece of artwork. Wall sconces and track Lighting are majorly used to frame, complement and direct the eye to something that you choose to be in the spotlight.

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Opt for layering

Layering light is the key to any well-lit space. Layers assist in setting mood, enhancing versatility, illuminating function and devising dimension of any space. Ensure that you include a minimum of two sorts of light- accent, task and/or ambient. Also, be mindful about separately controlling your layers so that you get more flexibility in altering the feel and function of your new space. 

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Blend finishes tactfully

Blending finishes in a room is quite grinding, especially if you are a novice or not seeking any professional help. So before buying an apt lighting fixture for your space, take out some quality time to get impelled. Browse Pinterest or flick through a leading magazine and grab your coffee. However, if you need expert assistance, visit the "decor tip section" under product pages/ contact us to organize a professional preview to figure out what complements what.

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Dont’s of the mix and match of lighting fixtures

Don’t jitter to try new things.

After all, you are revamping your space for a purpose, right? Whether you endeavor to change the vibe of your room, breathe life into a drab space or alter its functionality, changing its Lighting will lead to a dramatic impact. A brand new lighting concept will offer a surpassing transformation while framing an emotive evolution.


Don’t do oodles of things in a single space.

Trying to incorporate numerous things into a sole room might cause discomfort and bafflement. Simply commence with your significant and adored fixtures and thereafter make additions, if required. 


Don’t just pick up fixtures because they are breathtaking.

While choosing the right lamp, giving consideration to fixture functionality is indispensable. Always begin by defining the use for your space and opt for the ones that serve your purpose and look magnificent at the same time. There are loads of options on our webstore you cant go wrong with. 


Following this guide will help you plan your space makeover in a more aesthetic and organized manner. Good luck!

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