Loft Interior Decor For An Indian Apartement | Interior Trends

Loft Interior Decor For An Indian Apartement | Interior Trends

Are you planning a loft conversion project? Well, then let’s get real here; is your loft suitable for conversion? Before we start with the styling and design we should be sure about the fundamentals. The suitability depends on dimensions like head height, pitch angle and type of roof structure. This is the right approach towards planning your dream loft where you would want to curl up all day.

loft space

Designing a loft space is a challenging yet attainable task if handled with the right approach. Loft spaces are not really a new concept in our country. It has been around since many years but was used for different purposes like, to dump less useful things or hide things. The intriguing part is that, today loft interiors in any apartment is one of the most functional and attractive feature of your entire home interior.

Where to have a loft in your apartment is a tricky question, but loft designs can fit into any space of your apartment, whether it’s a living room, bedroom or kids room. Many people prefer making it a library, and this can be closed with curtains or glass doors or even kept open.


Loft Interior Decor For An Indian Apartement | Trends

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Some have always had a strong inclination towards trendy industrial lofts. Desirable insertion of a wide range of industrial lamps can elevate a loft design plan and make it look classier. Lightings play a vital role as it can instantly alter our moods and the overall feel of the room. The choice of modern lighting that we decide to inculcate in the plan can actually reveal a lot about our taste and personality. Industrial style inspired home lighting is a perfect blend of creativity and sophisticated designs. Versatile collections of pendant lighting are a captivating element which contributes in creating the perfect ambience. Our recommendations are listed below.

rope pendant light

rope wall sconce

Give a modern touch to your space by shopping elegant wall lamps online in India. Wall lamps can be noticeable if it can fit to the overall industrial styling. Other features that define industrial lofts are the materials like exposed brick, polished concrete and rustic wood used to construct a loft. Embrace these intriguing industrial loft design ideas to get the essence of an aesthetic interior décor.

Loft Interior Decor For An Indian Apartement | Trends

We at The Black steel believe in incorporating the loft spaces with Scandinavian design ideas which looks stylish, modern and youthful aesthetic with attention to comfort and privacy. Scandinavian design is all about calmness, purity and functional. Every aspect of this design is strictly minimalistic and unique with neutral colors like white, beige and pale. Furniture, flooring, lighting, walls and accessories in Scandinavian style can never fail to impress with its creativity and functionality. Modern and traditional designs are meshed together to form a design that could match your loft space.

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