Gurgaon's good life of Mr. Shamik Nandi in his 3000 sq ft exquisite chic apartment.

Gurgaon's good life of Mr. Shamik Nandi in his 3000 sq ft exquisite chic apartment.

Site Project: 3BHK / March'19 / Gurgaon, India

A house looks complete with a perfect sense of illumination around every corner, and this home a testament to mid-century modern aesthetic.Designing a perfect luminaire is a next to difficult task. It needs so much of inquisitiveness and zeal to portray the true signature of the family dwelling in. Right after stepping inside this expanse, you will get the acoustic and musical vibes, and the arrangement of live guitars has taken up the game up to a nonpareil extent.Let us reside you the tale behind the embellishment of this lively and exquisite home in Gurgaon.


Vigorous brainstorming


Ornamenting a house is a real task that needs you to churn out the best from the rest. We commenced the process by vigorous brainstorming about the design idea provided by Mr. Nandi. We worked around his preference and deep insights about the taste of lighting (dim or bright), luminance tones and color coordinates against each room.

The chandelier is making the difference all alone


Chandeliers have the capability to hypnotise anyone with its elegance and neutrality. Team Black Steel knows how to take out the best from our chandeliers. The Industrial 8 head chandelier resided the new tale of minimalism and eats up very less space, whilst widening the free space.


In fact we are not hesitated to say that it is a cornerstone and the perfect attention grabber, just how Shamik wanted. It welcomes the guests with its warm luminescence that is unfurled all across the hall.


Acoustic guitars and our loft interior lights are undoubtedly fascinating


You will encounter musical instruments on the wall and placed on the floor. The placement of these guitars is carried out in a quintessential way that is making the overall look minimalistic even when there are a multitude of décor elements.


Corners are a bit tough to place lights but definitely has a room for experiment. The element of loft that comprises a commendable share to this beautified room is a set of 3 rope lamps dangling on the pillar.

Paintings never fail to recite the hidden secrets


Another element that is bestowing a ton of elegance to this expanse is the handpicked bunch of prepossessing paintings. The blend of paintings and artefacts are a major source of attraction, especially in the bar and have the capability to catch the eye in a first instance.






What is making them more noticeable is the elementary yet designer wall lights placed right above. It is generating an enchanting prism effect on the paintings and enhancing the overall room décor.


All eyes on the hallway

What our client has to say?


We are always eager to what our clients have to say. We make sure to surpass the expectations of our customers while bestowing them with a positive impact that lasts forever.


 "In my pursuit to compliment the Faux Concrete interior, The Black Steel design philosophy & lighting fixtures added the necessary minimalism it needed.The Mid-century-modern fixtures with a touch of sophistication and openwork detailing drove me towards doing up the interiors top down, making the light fixtures an integral part of retro-inspired theme." - Mr. Shamik Nandi.


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