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There is a myriad of elements that need to be considered while embellishing a room. And while the giant hunks of the puzzle- stuff like rugs, paint and furniture might take up the major part of our attention, it is literally the tiny accents that make our space complete and lively. Although lamps and lighting might all the times not be at the crest of our list, it is undoubtedly amongst the significant elements of any space or room.  With scores of new decorating patterns and styles, we could say that there is no limitedness of options for your lighting...

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These 5 Interior Decorating Pages Have Racked Up Umpteen Customer Loyal Points On Instagram! The below-listed Instagram accounts on architectural work have created an underlying theme to match the urban designs in order to achieve long-lasting value and quality. All of these top 5 interior design pages in our exclusive list have sustainable design ideas and implementation placement techniques. These pages depict the designer’s passion and practical experience in this domain. Their work is born from careful consideration of both quintessential and peerless design plans. Here's our list: All of Architecture All of Architecture is an Instagram account with an...

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Interior design ideas do not crop up in a jiffy, for those are carved out of mind with utmost precision, and mind and heart take their own time to come to a consensus about the cuts and carves, at their own space. That is when, a new idea, a new design, a new phenomenon in the world of decors, is born. One may come up with a dozen interior design ideas, but one that stays in your dreams long enough to convert into a reality, is the one to keep. Often it has been said, and we repeat, the mantra...

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The Black Steel hits the Fashion Streets Of Hauz Khas, in style! What is it that transforms mild to fabulous, or a dreary piece of iron into an intricate work of art that lures admirable glances your way? Certainly, a knack for spotting what no one else has seen, and a way to seeing things that no one else has had the vision to. And this knack is what probably brought the hybrid fashion brand, Lacquer Embassy, on the doorsteps of an emerging industrial décor venture, The Black Steel. The craft-ology of the innovative décor perfectly complements the fringes and...

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