Welcome To The Fascinating World of Industrial Interior Designs!

Welcome To The Fascinating World of Industrial Interior Designs!

From the coffee table that you sit at every day, to the bookshelf that is the permanent seating for your loved titles, anything, and everything, can look as if it has come straight from the house of royals from Game of Thrones, and every bit as magnificent and regal. Slowly yet steadily, industrial interior design is making its way into our lives. It adds a taste to the otherwise bland mix of regular life, weaving a classy aura around it.

Tough on the interior, and tastefully appealing on the exterior, this is what we, at The Black Steel strive to bring to you, as we open the doors to industrial furniture and industrial lamps, that adds a royal touch to your daily life.

What is Industrial Design?

Ever wondered what is the common factor in the Western Electric Model 302 Telephone, and a much later invention of an Ipod? Industrial design! The talents and expertise of many, curated to create that one perfect model through techniques of mass production or otherwise. Similarly, even interior design structures have been evolved so, that the structures of Loft, Scandinavian, Nordic, and likewise designs have embedded in the heart of industrial furnishing. Years ago, when they were created with utmost class and attention to details, it was done in a manner that it reached perfection, and is being continued to be so, since then. The difference between industrial design and craft designs is that while the latter can be bent and innovated as per the ideas and creativity of creator, the former is more limited to one strong model and design, which can be further improvised.

The Origin of a Royal Construction

Industrial designs found their roots, back to the era, when industrial mechanization and revolution began in Great Britain, in the 18th century. The urbanization was fast, and modern designs and prototypes were required to grow in sync with the development. The origin of this unique and regal art lay in the earliest of those who led their creativity to it; the likes of Christopher Dresser and Joseph Claude Sinel. The earliest mentions of industrial designs and constructions can be found in The Art Union, A Monthly Journal of the Fine Arts, 1839.a

The Elements Derived

The thing that inspires The Black Steel about Industrial designs are the elements of nature. Be it the colors, hues, and tints that pour down the rock solid built to give it a brilliant exterior. The prototype, that is a perfect balance of nature, user, and the very product, combined with the creative instincts and mechanizations of industrial designing. Information and interaction overlap, when product designs meet their match in industrial designs that ooze of vintage aura, and sturdiness that is both royal in appearance and strength.
Unique, and quite an oddity at times, industrial furniture is one thing that you should definitely not give a miss. Watch as the sturdiness of epoch era transforms the look of your workplace and living room alike, from bland and blah, to simply fabulous, speaking of an industrial charm that would be hard to miss.

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