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There is a myriad of elements that need to be considered while embellishing a room. And while the giant hunks of the puzzle- stuff like rugs, paint and furniture might take up the major part of our attention, it is literally the tiny accents that make our space complete and lively. Although lamps and lighting might all the times not be at the crest of our list, it is undoubtedly amongst the significant elements of any space or room.  With scores of new decorating patterns and styles, we could say that there is no limitedness of options for your lighting...

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Designed in 1879 by a British bicycle designer  H. J. Lawson, the Sprocket wheel or chain driven bicycle was the evolution of the modern safety cycle. Our Sprocket wheel lamp is a modern home decor progression to this invention under our Industrial lamps collection.   Known for its fashionable and unspoken beauty, The Industrial Sprocket wheel lamp is characterized by a very chic design making it suitable for living rooms and offices as a fine piece of art. We are determined not only illuminate every modern household but also to deliver a touch of decadence making it the preference of art...

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These 5 Interior Decorating Pages Have Racked Up Umpteen Customer Loyal Points On Instagram! The below-listed Instagram accounts on architectural work have created an underlying theme to match the urban designs in order to achieve long-lasting value and quality. All of these top 5 interior design pages in our exclusive list have sustainable design ideas and implementation placement techniques. These pages depict the designer’s passion and practical experience in this domain. Their work is born from careful consideration of both quintessential and peerless design plans. Here's our list: All of Architecture All of Architecture is an Instagram account with an...

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There were many secrets hidden in the womb of ancient arts, some which were barren with the rust of time, yet whole enough to be so sturdy, that even the newest of designs failed to generate any interest in front of them. One of such arts, is, Industrial design, which high on both design, and functional aspects. There are many great artisans who have taken birth, and some of them were advance enough to already excel in this field of unique design, which is antiquity based. Let us take a look some of the designers. Jonathan Ive Yes, we are...

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