The Airport Look - Industrial Architecture and Lighting

The Airport Look - Industrial Architecture and Lighting

An airport is a place where many people spend time waiting for the beginning of a new journey, leisure trip or a business trip; no matter what the reason maybe, or to which place you are traveling, the only thing that stays constant is the positive ambiance inside the airport. The warmer and softer finishing of an airport interior is always pleasing.

Over the past few years, airport interiors have evolved immensely with fun and futuristic appearance. Architects and Interior designers all over the globe have constantly worked on developing brand new intricate and striking designs for different airports.

The Airport Look - Industrial Architecture And Lighting

Every brand or business in airports strives to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and so they make efforts in the aesthetics of the space. Especially, influencing lighting designs in hospitality venue drives attention of customers.

The term “bleisure” which is a merger of business and leisure trips is gaining tremendous attention among travelers. This helps in encouraging them to wander by making it more appealing and engaging. Astounding interiors also helps in gaining some loyal customers in a fast-growing industry. In recent years, the hospitality industry has raised the stakes by providing amenities like airport lodging, farm-to-table restaurants, and chic lounges.

Industrial light fixtures in swanky bars, cafes and hotels have replaced the contemporary and tiffany lamps. It is widely accepted that eminent and large industrial pendant lighting can help the store or brand to stand out in a stiff competition. Branded interiors are in demand now, and many businesses are moving to industrial style architecture. This has helped in diverting the attention of customers to the overall look and feel of the space.

Industrial metal lamp shades and Retro pendant light shades are unique and artful. They blend the urban edge of functional lights with warmth and rustic iron and worn textures. Interior spaces in airports are organized around a dramatic atrium, topped with creative industrial light fittings. Airport interiors usually have a sober profile with hexagonal skylight and exquisite light fixtures create the perfect mood for travelers. When we learn to use a resource efficiently, we tend to use it even more, and this is exactly the case with industrial style architecture. Lighting fixtures run along the folds and help passengers to navigate the terminal. The perfect airport look is wrapped in light-filled interior distributed immaculately in different areas of the space.

It’s all about light; designs and elegance of a space that makes customers feel they are important.


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