Carve the Curves - 6 Best Industrial Designers of All Time

Carve the Curves - 6 Best Industrial Designers of All Time

There were many secrets hidden in the womb of ancient arts, some which were barren with the rust of time, yet whole enough to be so sturdy, that even the newest of designs failed to generate any interest in front of them. One of such arts, is, Industrial design, which high on both design, and functional aspects. There are many great artisans who have taken birth, and some of them were advance enough to already excel in this field of unique design, which is antiquity based. Let us take a look some of the designers.

Jonathan Ive

Yes, we are talking about the man who takes care of the Apple Industrial design Group. The individual aspect that his design has given to Apple devices, is commendable to the extent that everyone can identify, and be proud to own the quintessential Apple creation. He was inclined to product design and studied Industrial Design at Northumbria University.

Adam Savage

If you are someone who enjoyed Unchained Reaction on Channel Discovery, here’s the man you must be in love with. A man of many talents, he is not only a proficient industrial designer but also is an educator and Television personality.

Nomen Niu

Be it the corporate branding of furniture, or electronics, his company Nolen Niu Inc. provides everything that one could wish for. His work reflects the theory and mindset of the man, for who a robust design combined with high sturdiness, are of utmost importance.

Raymond Loewy

What do you say of a man who was featured on the cover of Time magazine, as early as 1949! Well, though he is no more with us, his designs were heavily influenced by the French culture.

Takeo Kikuchi

This man from Japan is quite an accomplished designer, who went on to create something as essential as a specs frame! He has his own private label which is perfect culm of vintage, contemporary, and of course, sturdy.

Viktor Schreckengost

A man who stood tall even at 102, and was a visionary sculptor, a teacher, and an artist. His specialty lay with pottery designs and industrial designs which drew inspiration from a bicycle.

There are many legendary names, that can keep getting added, but for now, we’ll take leave with these. We’ll again come with the names of more interesting veterans and newbies alike, soon.

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