Scandinavian Interiors: Simplicity Cherished By Indians

Scandinavian Interiors: Simplicity Cherished By Indians

Interior design ideas do not crop up in a jiffy, for those are carved out of mind with utmost precision, and mind and heart take their own time to come to a consensus about the cuts and carves, at their own space. That is when, a new idea, a new design, a new phenomenon in the world of decors, is born. One may come up with a dozen interior design ideas, but one that stays in your dreams long enough to convert into a reality, is the one to keep.

Often it has been said, and we repeat, the mantra for a classy presentation is always, “less is more”. One does not have to be loud and garish to send out signals of utmost opulence. Pales and mutes have been in the background for quite some time now, providing silent support to contrasts of the brights, but now, slowly yet steadily, a design is creeping its way into the hearts of Indians, through the West. Though this is one aesthetic which is not a stranger to the world of industrial décor, and has found apt place in the history of the greatest of furnishings, Scandinavian design is still something which is new to our country. Yet, it does not fail to mesmerise those who appreciate the opulence of it.

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Scandinavian designs may not convince us much when we hear of it, but it has the power to grow on one, due to its unique aesthetic appeal. The sheer simplicity that it exudes gives any space a look of class and comfort, combined into one delectable combination, perfect for that exemplary first example, on whoever sets foot in your space, be it at work or at your home. 

The words Scandinavian may sound novel, but the truth remains that we all have been following the same in our furnishings for long, with the usage of whites and mutes, with a plain feel to it. Add an industrial and robust touch to it, and there, you have Scandinavian and Nordic designs ready, the perfect renovation of your space. Yes, we have been mastering the art of simplistic since long in our homes, and this just another name for an art which mixes the best of old and new alike.

The New Scandinavian and effortless mix of old mid-century Scandinavian designs with the modern couture makes it all the more appealing to those who crave for subtle yet regal aesthetics in their space. Scandinavian designs are more focused on the functionality aspects rather than on the outer beauty, although it eventually comes out. 

These designs bring out your inner persona exquisitely, just that you need the right medium who can convert your interior décor dream into that of the art of industrial design and furnishing, and convert it into the smashing Scandinavian design which can knock out the best of minds with pleasure.
Scandinavian design finds its roots in a minimalist approach, with whites and mutes playing a simplistic tone to perfection. 

A mix of modern and contemporary, Scandinavian designs may find their roots somewhere in mid-century, but that does not stop from experiments slipping in. With whites, nudes, and grays coming on board as foundation colours, this design is synonymous with class and is a perfect way to make one channelise the inner creativity, which will be executed by professionals, giving industrial décor a new lease.

We at The Black Steel too strive to bring to you, the finest of Scandinavian décor, one which will light up your space with its minimalist nature, and soothe you. As soon as you lay eyes on it our Geometric Industrial Décor Pendant Lamp, or Geometric Royale Industrial Lamp, we endeavour to innovate more and more to bring Scandinavian design to India and Indian abodes, offices, and all interiors. The idea of bringing mutes to mainstream of industrial décor can be executed through Scandinavian designs and these lamps do so in a magnificent way.

Take a look at what our customers have to say.

Happy Customers

We are enjoying the ambience the lamp has created in our office-space. The service was excellent. The quality of the product is good. We will be in touch again.

Susan Koshy, New Delhi

Nordic conical midnight gold industrial lamp
Very well designed and manufactured lamp. Came well packaged and everything needed for a quick, clean installation.

Maher Doley, Bangalore

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