Featured on Eazelly: Vintage Soup Of Industrial Furniture and Decor

Featured on Eazelly: Vintage Soup Of Industrial Furniture and Decor

In rust we trust, seems to be the mantra that The Black Steel lives by. Prateek Singh, our man of the hour, has redefined home décor in the subtlest and most classy way. Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”. The Black Steel couldn’t possibly be more apt in this scenario. The company aims at providing customers a pimped-up version of the industrial geometrics of the 1900’s. Prateek has brewed the perfect recipe for redefining interior decorations with industrial revolution, geometry, panache and nostalgia as it’s basic ingredients.

Nothing says ‘bringing classy back’ better than a nice, well-rounded coffee table which doubles up it’s circular handsomeness from top to bottom.


In this era of technological dependence twined with bells and whistles of modern design, The Black Steel hails that old is gold which is justified in their design inspiration dating back to the 1800’s. Industrial revolution is the essence of their design language which is prominent in every cut, mark and tiny detail that exudes power, strength, class and, most of all, elegance.

This certainly will shine bright like a diamond. This industrial gem refreshes us with fond memory of the design arches of the construction sites and makes us fall in love with geometry all over again.


A stool that breaks all conventions! Proudly peddle your way into classy industrial décor.

Where utility and industrial revolution meet, we present to you furniture that will leave you awestruck. You are welcome.

There are no second thoughts to the fact that The Black Steel provides a blend of fine craftsmanship, sophistication and looks that are nothing short of scenic. Their attention to detail is crystal clear from the products , after all, detail is the thin line between good and great. Prateek has shrewdly maintained the company’s portfolio in a way that you it caters to your every need under the sun. From charismatic illuminations to subtle furniture, The Black Steel has it all. Without a shadow of doubt their home décor will leave everyone envious of you.

With more than just light to offer, prepare yourself for some serious drooling over these state of art table lamps, that brighten up your day and night.

With six years of experience across international brands and being a retail and professional designer, Delhi-based Prateek is rooted in his vision to be a leader in Industrial décor. Which, in all honesty doesn’t seem too far away when one sees the potential his design elements have.

Priced from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 28,000, The Black Steel is a steal. You can feast your eyes on their Facebook page and treat your house to their articles through their facebook page.

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