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Scandinavian home interior design is recognised for its unobtrusive or simple color palettes, cozy twang and arresting contemporary furniture.

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Gargantuan lofts and farm-houses often have a paucity, when it comes to adequate lighting. The vast areas which are neighbored by giant pillars and walls occlude the natural light and make the free space looks dusky and darker. From the open spaces to the sofa seating region, we gave our best and the outcomes were a true definition of something we call tremendous. The disposition of the lighting fixtures took the game up and made the farmhouse a piece of elegance that is worth being adored.  The ambient ceiling drop pendant lights: Nothing is prepossessing than a sky full of...

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Here are some timeless lighting fixtures from The Black Steel that will surely work in any space. Industrial Lamps and more..

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There is a myriad of elements that need to be considered while embellishing a room. And while the giant hunks of the puzzle- stuff like rugs, paint and furniture might take up the major part of our attention, it is literally the tiny accents that make our space complete and lively. Although lamps and lighting might all the times not be at the crest of our list, it is undoubtedly amongst the significant elements of any space or room.  With scores of new decorating patterns and styles, we could say that there is no limitedness of options for your lighting...

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It doesn’t matter if you follow La Liga or the Champions league, there aren’t too many occasions like these when you would try and get everyone together who enjoys the game. The vibe is just insane. Every goal scored, every red card and every penalty, you know these moments won’t come back for another 4 years. So, for everyone who is inviting the body doubles of Mbappé , Kane and Domagoj to their homes, here is our recommendation.   We’ve got you the lights that will not only ensure that the drama exists in the television room but also, to keep it...

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