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When it’s all about décor, how can we overlook those alluring lamps! Lamps and sconces are the most prevalent source of artificial sunlight for your abode and industrial lofts. These lamps are the unsung heroes that can do marvelous wonders for your interiors if hand-picked wisely. Every space of yours should justify itself and for that, you need to settle down with a modish and decorous piece of art.   From table lamps to hang aboves, you can take your space to extreme levels just by making the right choice. Don’t know how to stipulate a lampshade that really bestows...

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There is a myriad of elements that need to be considered while embellishing a room. And while the giant hunks of the puzzle- stuff like rugs, paint and furniture might take up the major part of our attention, it is literally the tiny accents that make our space complete and lively. Although lamps and lighting might all the times not be at the crest of our list, it is undoubtedly amongst the significant elements of any space or room.  With scores of new decorating patterns and styles, we could say that there is no limitedness of options for your lighting...

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Cast your mind back to candle sconces from the 18th century, which added the right amount of light and beauty. This was a staple source of light in those days whether it was a cave or castle. These sconces looked simple back then and later evolved into refined wall sconces. Hence, the use of wall sconce has come a long way and still holds an important place in modern room decor plans.    They will be your savior while they dress up your bedroom, hallway or washroom. Wall sconces in our collection totally transform apartments, high-end hotels, and commercial space...

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Whether it is a conical shape retro style lamp which exposes the bulb inside or a brass antique holder, we have all one-of-a-kind pieces designed for diverse interiors. We make sure that our lighting fixtures are capable of turning an everyday function into a perfect aesthetic experience. The classy colors and shades keep the appearance of every fixture vivid and exquisite. If you are looking for a minimalist vibe in any space just like our existing customers, the below-mentioned lighting designs have ideal illuminating features.  1. E27 Minimal Brass Antique Holder with Tungsten Filament Bulb Brass antique holder brings luxury...

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It is a known fact that we should never underestimate the power of a professionally designed space. You might think movies are judged by the script and impact of certain characters on the viewers, but you’d be surprised to know how many look ordinary due to poor set design. The same applies to expensive home and office interiors, which fail to impress the visitors due to lack of planning. Lightings are the key to get through this process effortlessly and in a cost-effective manner. But what if you are concerned about getting it right in order to match your perfectly...

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