First Post - The Industrial Decor Story - Hauz Khas Village New Delhi

The Black Steel hits the Fashion Streets Of Hauz Khas, in style! What is it that transforms mild to fabulous, or a dreary piece of iron into an intricate work of art that lures admirable glances your way? Certainly, a knack for spotting what no one else has seen, and a way to seeing things that no one else has had the vision to. And this knack is what probably brought the hybrid fashion brand, Lacquer Embassy, on the doorsteps of an emerging industrial décor venture, The Black Steel.

The craft-ology of the innovative décor perfectly complements the fringes and folds of the sartorial fashion creation. With a raw appeal, unique ideas, and strong perceptions, The Black Steel is the brain child of Prateek Singh, whose sole mission is to be the catalyst of Industrial Décor in India, and create something of aesthetic utility; something that can transform a monotonous space to an exciting one.

The tremendously successful fashion brand certainly loves the Detachable Industrial Trolley that they have procured from the emerging online home décor portal, and from the look and feel of it, the eventual shoppers will too.This storage cart is certainly gorgeous enough to steal hearts, and sturdy enough to bear weights.

The fabricated piece of art is sure to enhance the shopping experience of decor lovers in the streets of Hauz Khas, where The Black Steel has finally made a terrific entry in the trend setting stores of Lacquer Embassy. #theblacksteelindia #industrial #design 


First Post - The Industrial Decor Story - Hauz Khas Village New Delhi

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