Essentials To An Industrial Inspired Decor | Interior Trend

Essentials To An Industrial Inspired Decor | Interior Trend

Industrial interior design graced millions of homes and is one of the most talked about interior design trend worldwide. One must incorporate an uncluttered practical look with elegance and keep it edgy. Most people connect with industrial interiors immediately these days, especially when they notice a red brick wall in a restaurant. However, the industrial interior design is more than just exposed brick walls. 

Here are few questions that we answered.

1) What are the essentials to have an industrial inspired home? 

It is a combination of wooden flooring, exposed wooden beams, concrete walls, exposed pipes merged with gloss metal finishes in furniture and sometimes subdued machine age appearance. While lighting a space, one can do countless experiments using light fixtures. For e.g: A clean design utilitarian industrial style wall sconce is great for someone who possesses a low-key industrial taste. For someone who adores history and industrial revolution would love to go for steampunk warehouse style lamp with tungsten filament bulbs or boho chic industrielle lampe. Industrial inspired designs undoubtedly give a larger than life experience. 


2) Which color palette works best for the industrial interiors? 

Industrial interior has few components of design codes inculcated from Scandinavian interior styling. Hence, apart from rustic shades, you would notice various Pantone codes of grey, white, black that dominates the color palette. The Black Steel offers to fill this space for someone who wants to keep it real without sacrificing beauty. 


3) How does one add industrial feel to an already decorated home? 

Adding an industrial appearance is an easy task but one has to be very careful in not overdoing it. The basic principle is to keep the interiors absolutely minimal and elements that are high on utility. If your room space doesn’t allow a huge floor lamp then it is advisable to install a utilitarian wall lamp that offers a mechanism that allows you to manoeuvre the light and is high on design aesthetics.  

For luxury hotels and farmhouses, it could be a classic minimal lighting design idea such as a Flamingo swing-arm industrial floor lamp or Retro style ceiling light fixture for the bars. 



One can also add elements such as a refurbished industrial gear as a wall art piece, table decor or a pully beside a bookshelf. Again, chose wisely as you don’t want your space to look heavy and busy. The idea here is to get a balanced makeover at a reasonable cost. 



4) What are the dominating materials for an industrial-inspired ambience? 

The industrial interior is very different from other design ideas as it gives you a room to express your creative side. One can boldly put everything on display, which has been kept in their loft for ages.  It depends on what look one wants to create and this design idea in itself is a huge space. 

Cast iron, refurbished scrap metal, reclaimed wood furniture, ropes, pressure gauges, GI pipes are materials that one can install in white wall minimal style bedroom, loft-style apartments, restaurants or even their office space to achieve this look. 


Tungsten style filament bulb is the most popular lighting bulb that interior designers and architects opt for. These bulbs are available in various shapes and can be bought separately just in case if you want to add it to your existing lighting product.


Every interior space has a story that reflects one's personality. Our customers appreciate the fact that we don’t have thousands of products in our portfolio, yet we offer uber cool designs that give a timeless look. 


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