From India to France And Portugal: Follow Our Client Feed

From India to France And Portugal: Follow Our Client Feed

At The Black Steel, Scandinavian interior is the watchword when innovating new products and interior design ideas. Simple, practical and energy efficient, our dazzling inspirations transform the interiors of any space into a classy arena without sacrificing beauty.

Why Scandinavian design interior setting, you ask? Well, the philosophy focuses to give your space a simplistic yet balanced makeover, at a reasonable cost. 

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The phrase ‘less is more’ finds its relevance all the more in present modern interior design idea, however, that is where the Scandinavian style of oversimplified furnishing comes in. Minimalistic in nature, as we said in the earlier blog, the culture of being in sync with pastels and monochromes has forever been there, but the art of this style of modern architecture has just started to creep into Indian furnishing scenario.



Scandinavian interiors focus on blacks, whites, and grays, and as a result, require furnishing that can complement a background so subtle.


No matter what your budget is, you can incorporate this uncluttered practical look with some of our impossibly understated lighting products. Geometric lamps collection, starting from INR 2200 is available to shop online.


Not just lamps that can adorn the ceilings and desks alike, we also have DeStijl Art Movement inspired collection starting from INR 1917 (Worldwide shipping). Add a pop with their pastel drops, to the monochromatic and simple intricacies that blend with the perfection of well-lit Scandinavian inspired spaces. 

From India To France And Portugal: Follow Our Client Feed

This unique identity of Scandinavian style décor is acknowledged as a top design choice of Interior trend that our customers are welcoming not only in India but other also parts of the world too.  Aspects adorned by our customer who wrote to us from Meaux, France tells us how much she loved the simple clean line frame of the geometric wall lamp.

Don’t forget to scroll down to our happy customer's section and read through the unbiased customer reviews. 


From geometric lamps to industrial style décor that will bowl you over with the facile scheme of efforts they have imbibed, The Black Steel strives to give you the best of modern meshed with the best of old, in a regal format.

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What People Say About Us:

"Highly recommend these lamps. I bought 2 of them."

Filipe, Lisbon/Portugal



"Livraison rapide, interlocuteurs aimable, peinture légèrement écaillée, applique très originale !!!"

Melodie, Meaux/France   



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