Industrial Bar Furniture Power House | White Bar Stool

Industrial Bar Furniture Power House | White Bar Stool

With the increasing stress, there are some of us, who like to loosen up over a glass of wine, with the best collection of old-school hip-hop or latest progressive tunes being played in the background.

What if you could recreate a bar in your own haven? Something that is subtle enough to soothe the senses yet decently in a corner of your abode, where you can pour your thoughts over a light dose of liquor that relaxes your minds and destresses you? Well, the wait is over, as we at The Black Steel, strive to provide you exactly that.

Take a look at some pieces from our collection, which are perfect for your dream of creating a mini bar at your home, or even that spare corner of your office that was otherwise a wasted space, or even an eyesore! Give it a much-needed transformation.

We present to you a part of our collection that can give your friends a taste of the exquisite seating arrangements you had in mind for them, for a quiet evening of drinks and mates.



Lamps to illuminate with dim lights, that recreate the era of dingy yet cosy bars




Keep looking at our blog for more tips on how you can up your class by notches, with the new revolution that industrial design and vintage industrial furnishing has brought.

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