Teleport Yourself To The 19th-Century With  Modern Industrial Lamps.

Teleport Yourself To The 19th-Century With Modern Industrial Lamps.

Designed in 1879 by a British bicycle designer  H. J. Lawson, the Sprocket wheel or chain driven bicycle was the evolution of the modern safety cycle. Our Sprocket wheel lamp is a modern home decor progression to this invention under our Industrial lamps collection.  

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Known for its fashionable and unspoken beauty, The Industrial Sprocket wheel lamp is characterized by a very chic design making it suitable for living rooms and offices as a fine piece of art.

We are determined not only illuminate every modern household but also to deliver a touch of decadence making it the preference of art collectors globally. Over the years, more and more designs were upgraded in our portfolio bringing the products closer to aesthetic perfection. 

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The new upgraded version of this lamp is a limited to 188pcs and is a commemoration to the 19th-century invention making it a great choice for fine art. Made from mango wood, cast iron and cold rolled iron sheets, it has an approximate weight of 3.2 kilograms. The lampshade made out of iron sheets makes it a force to reckon with, as it can be handed-down from generation to generation. 

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When filing your office or living room with this chic decorative desk lamp, thanks to the frosted glass attachment a very soft glow of light disperses around your space. For people with finer tastes in life, this lamp is the way to go as it serves an art piece during daytime and a utility when darkness sets in. 


This innovation is a standout product as it offers unique features which are appealing and functional at the same time. Reach out to our social media and let us know your thoughts, as we head to get you the best and latest in Industrial interiors. 

Add one to your space now or get in touch with us to know more about the lamp. 



Img Couresty: Bicyclette de Lawson:

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