How Pradipti love the Industrial Penny Farthing Table | Blog

How Pradipti love the Industrial Penny Farthing Table | Blog

Kerala / India - 21.01.2016

Industrial Furniture India

Nothing is as gratifying for an artist to watch his or her art grace the lives and rooms of their customers, and be a part of their memories, their homes.

We at The Black Steel experienced such a moment, when one of valued customers put in her thoughts about one of our finest pieces, the “Reclaimed Wood Penny Farthing Industrial Study Table” (

On the morning of 15th February, 2016, our team woke up to a pleasant surprise, which was a beautiful testimony, regarding one of our antique tables. Pradipti Jayaram, one of our happy customers, who got our product through the World Art Community, and by the combined efforts of WAT and TBS, the Penny Farthing Table was finally delivered to her, and now graces her home.

Have a look at what she has to say about it. 

“Having been my first experience with buying such a big-ticket item online, especially because it wasn't payment on delivery but before, I spent many a sleepless night not only worrying if I would receive the product but also excited because, well, it's a darn gorgeous table and I couldn't wait to own it! 

Despite the minor delivery hiccups, which included delays and disheveled packaging (courtesy the courier service because it was quite visible that the packaging had been ruined in transit), I finally received my table in ship shape and it was exactly as seen on screen; so I couldn't be happier. 

A special thank you to Surily (of World Art Community) and Prateek (of The Black Steel) for constantly updating me and reassuring me through the delivery process. Now that I read the emails exchanged with them, I realize that I was a really big pain in the ass about delivery dates and changes in delivery locations (think relocating brings out the worst in people )and they kindly obliged me with prompt responses and updates. 

The WAC and TBS, in serving me well, have not only found a repeat customer but the experience  has also made me less suspicious of paying before delivery. That isn't to say that  I may never encounter rogue shopping portals on the Internet or that I may always opt to pay before, but it makes life a whole lot easier to know that there are some portals, like yours, that house the kinds of products I like, where, even if I'm expected to pay before, I will be assured of delivery. 

So here's wishing WAC and TBS many a glowing review, like mine, going forward. I will give them a well-deserved 4 stars, and not 5, lest I jinx it for the rest of you shopping on this Website.”

With all the well wishes, she also left us pictures of how the table has become the centre of attraction, and is now gracing the décor of the room, with an elegant poise.

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Linda L Toop

Is this table still available? What would the cost be in can or US dollars?
Do you have a shipping g fee?
Thanks Libda

October 15, 2019 at 15:35pm

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