Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 2

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 2

It is a known fact that we should never underestimate the power of a professionally designed space. You might think movies are judged by the script and impact of certain characters on the viewers, but you’d be surprised to know how many look ordinary due to poor set design. The same applies to expensive home and office interiors, which fail to impress the visitors due to lack of planning. Lightings are the key to get through this process effortlessly and in a cost-effective manner. But what if you are concerned about getting it right in order to match your perfectly designed rooms? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Below listed are popular movie sets which were successful in leveraging industrial light fittings to improve some of the most influential scenes.

1. Thunderball 

James Bond series have pursued many villains and lovers in the movie. The set design of this amazing movie series is devised by Ken Adam. In Thunderball, Ken created a new sequence of exotic sets in different locations.  You can witness an impeccable sense of light, architecture, and style which maintains the standard and class of the characters in the movie. Especially, lights are a very crucial component in the set design of Bond series. 

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 2

Product Benefits- 

  • Adjustable floor lamps can serve various purposes in study rooms, conference halls or different lighting requirements indoor space.
  • Apart from its functional traits, it can suit different room aesthetics.

Most compelling feature-  

The height and angle of the fixture are the most commonly adjustable parameters in floor lamps.


2. Spectre 

Dennis Gassner an Oscar-winning production designer was a perfect choice for designing the sets of Bond series. He was asked to pick inspiration from the set design of Skyfall for this particular movie. As usual Dennis did a fabulous job in creating the best suitable décor for every prominent scene in the movie. After deep research on each detailing right from light fixtures to colors, he did complete justice to the movie. 

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 2


Product Benefits- 

1. It can be hung from any height and still illuminate the room with sufficient light.

2. This fixture is a practical solution as it can naturally blend with the color and decor of the room.

3. Pendant lights can never be a bad investment, as it can be used in any corner or any room in your house.

4. This particular light fitting looks great in outdoor space, and it offers a contemporary and natural look.

Most compelling feature- 

Pendant lights are an economical option and a long-term solution due to its multipurpose functionality.


3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set designer, Mark Friedberg is known for his brilliance and perfection in set design. He found the task quite challenging as every detail in the movie counts. This scene, where Peter Parker is performing science stuff has a simple desk lamp which shows its functional attributes.

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 2


Product Benefits- 

1. Desk lamps are easily portable and this gives you the advantage to use it according to your convenience.

2. It gives an adequate amount of light and makes reading easy without straining your eyes.

3. These lamps come in a variety of shapes, size, and functionality. Hence, you can choose them according to your unique requirement. 

Most compelling feature-  

Desk lamps usually have adjustable arms which makes it more flexible to use. 

4. Iron Man 3 

Beautiful pendant lights hung from the ceiling had surely elevated the set design with its simple and sophisticated appearance. David Moreau is one of the sought after set designer for most of the popular movies which have focused on exceptional set designing and presentation. Iron Man 3 is undoubtedly one of his best projects, and it is pretty evident from this striking image.


Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 2

Product Benefits- 

1. It can be used individually or in groups in various configurations to create a contemporary and finished look to the decor.  

2. This fixture usually comes in different silhouettes, wide, fat, tall, flat and stout. It is also available in different colors, simple styles, and minimalistic features. 

Most compelling feature- Depending on the task, bulbs, halogen lights, energy-saving LED lights, and compact fluorescent lights can be used. Hence, pendant lights can be deployed in many interesting ways and yet it will offer a sophisticated look to the aura.

5. Suits

This popular series which is based on a fictional law firm based in New York City have showcased extremely stylish office interior. With a handful of desk and reading lamps in most of the scenes incorporated into the best office decor, suits interiors have set a standard. This is one of the most suitable series which will help you create strikingly similar office space.

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 2

Product Benefits- 

1. This is a great choice for your living room, office space and study room as it offers bright light directly on the direction which you fix. 

2. It helps you pivot the light according to your need and the offers bright light to help you perform your task.

3. Swing arm lamps can fit in a minimum space. The space-saving benefit makes it more desirable.

4. It has great finishing and a unique look. 




Most compelling feature- Apart from having a number of functional qualities, it looks like your personalized lampshade which elevates the overall appearance of the room.

Final thoughts:

Lightings are something which will make you feel more optimistic, and with a precise plan, you can make your home or office interior look classy. Especially, when you’re on a tight budget, investing strategically on light fittings can change the game. Great lighting has the capability to alter an ordinary space into a dynamic environment with the perfect mood. So, get creative with a customized collection of industrial light fixtures for your tasteful interiors. 

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