Hosting a house party for the FIFA World Cup finals? Make sure your space looks electric!

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Hosting a house party for the FIFA World Cup finals? Make sure your space looks electric!

It doesn’t matter if you follow La Liga or the Champions league, there aren’t too many occasions like these when you would try and get everyone together who enjoys the game. The vibe is just insane.

Every goal scored, every red card and every penalty, you know these moments won’t come back for another 4 years. So, for everyone who is inviting the body doubles of Mbappé , Kane and Domagoj to their homes, here is our recommendation.

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We’ve got you the lights that will not only ensure that the drama exists in the television room but also, to keep it intense as the game continues.


Number 1# Industrial Vintage Loft Wall Sconces - Bedroom

Great for a bedroom with lighting area capacity of 30 square metres. A couple of these paired bedside, will deliver a retro feel without much effort.


Number #2 Yellow De-Stijl inspired Wall sconce - Living Room

Transform your living room walls to De Stijl inspired architecture with these swing arm wall lamps. Classic and essential!


Number#3 Blue retro wall sconces - Bathroom Lighting

Over a mirror these will look fabulous.


Number#4 TPF21 Silver Wall Sconce - Kitchen

Create your personal story with this one in silver.


Number #5 Industrial Candle Holder - Dining

Arrange it as a centerpiece on a table to bring industrial charm as you or your guests come back for refills.



So who will get into the finals and who will lift the 2018 Fifa World cup? Don’t forget to write in the comment section below 

 We will match your score once the World Cup is over! Enjoy the game.

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