Swooning over wall sconces but wondering how to merge them with your Interior?

Cast your mind back to candle sconces from the 18th century, which added the right amount of light and beauty. This was a staple source of light in those days whether it was a cave or castle. These sconces looked simple back then and later evolved into refined wall sconces. Hence, the use of wall sconce has come a long way and still holds an important place in modern room decor plans. 


They will be your savior while they dress up your bedroom, hallway or washroom. Wall sconces in our collection totally transform apartments, high-end hotels, and commercial space depending on the design plan. We are aware of the effort that goes into designing a space, especially when it comes to choosing the lamps and lighting designs. Therefore, we will pitch in to pick the one that goes with your room aesthetics.

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Wall sconces: Know what all the fuss is about and the most glamorous ways to decode wall sconces!

A wall sconce is a light fixture mounted to a wall and the base does not touch the ground. The light is generally focused upwards, and we have designs focusing on every angle depending on its specifications and need. 

1. Smartest Space Saver 

Wall sconces can survive without a bedside table. In fact, declutter your bedside table, and open up space for books, decorative pieces or flowers. 

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2. All-In-One Solution

Wall sconces can dazzle your space and appear as a task light at the same time.  Simply highlight certain features like decorative objects, dinner set, or wall arts.

 Industrial Cone Wall Light



3. Task Light Hint

Sconces are undoubtedly the best task light for avid readers or people who prefer working late night. You can even install them on a dimmer to control brightness, and this will protect your eyes. 


3. Elegance Bumps Into Comfort

You will love them even more if you are able to move them up, down, sideways or simply rotate in all possible direction. So, choose a wall sconce with a swing arm to pivot the light to the desired direction.



4.  Giving Life to Your Space

Sconces will surely inject more personality if you mount them in the right places. They make excellent companion for bathroom mirrors, sink, cooking zone, or a specific artwork. 

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5. Elite Banner Stand Lights

From pull-up advertising displays to pop-up banners, highlight your marketing message, store name or brand USP. This will attract new customers and will be a perfect addition to the decor.



We Have Dipped Into The Black Steel Collection To Share Breakthrough Solutions: 

Fix Up & Strike A Light: We swear by wall sconces, which need no hard wiring. Hence, the installation will not feel like an uphill battle anymore.

Swooning Over Wall Sconces But Wondering How To Merge Them With Your Interior


One Size Never Fits All:  We believe each design is unique, and hence we have countless variations ready to match your style.

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Have Mercy On Dull Walls: Majority of our customers are eyeing on wall sconces, which will turn heads effortlessly. 


One last tip before we go!

Installing multiple sconces is a thing, and it will make a perfect wall accessory. A get together of stunning wall sconces in restaurants, pubs and cafes will be trippy. 

Also, incorporate this idea in a hallway to point out paintings, indoor plants, architecture or staircases to navigate visitors. 




Well, can you possibly ignore these ideas? Some creative customers get it right, while some others are smart enough to seek help. We have observed and applied these tips to most of our customers who love wall sconces.


Check out our installation at a space in Van Gogh, Bangalore

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