Top 10 “Pocket-Friendly” & “Up to the Minute” Industrial Style Light Fittings!

Top 10 “Pocket-Friendly” & “Up to the Minute” Industrial Style Light Fittings!

When you talk about industrial lighting decor, the first thought that arrives in your mind is a well-lit space but pricey. We honestly agree with the opinion that a room makeover can get expensive and there is no specific limit to the budget that you plan. But we do have a solution to add flair to your rooms within a decent budget. The Black Steel collection introduces 10 light fixtures which add more lumens, suits diverse home decor styles and are also quite easy on the pockets. So let’s get started with few designer favorites right here!

1.    Drop Line Classic Rope Pendant Light 

A unique pendant light from the rope lamp series is affordable and functional at different levels. They may seem small in size, but they are one of the classiest examples of industrial lights. They are decorated with traditional hanging ropes braided with a distinct finish. Imagine a bunch of these hanging during a festival or celebration, especially in the outdoor space, they look quite a modish right? Above all, no matter how many of these lights you plan to hang, they won’t overcrowd the space. Or if you are planning to purchase just a single piece for a fraction of your room, it will still manage to grip all the attention. 

2.    Extendable Ceiling Industrial Lamp Decor 

Our extendable ceiling industrial lamp is impressive and it is known for its simplicity. It is ideal for your living area, kitchen and dining hall; it will also suit in a coffee shop or restaurant interior. This appealing black lampshade has functional attributes, as you can manually extend the height from 11”-29” at ease, depending on your need. It is crafted from quality iron material and the design looks simply sophisticated. 

3.    Art Deco Classic White Pendant Wire Cage Industrial Lamp

A wire cage industrial lamp is appealing, neat and simple in design. It is available in both white and black (brushed gold) to complement any room that you choose. This handcrafted lamp gives a strong modern industrial look and offers a really fresh urban feel.  

4.    French Country Style Pull Down Ceiling Industrial Lamp

Well, this is one of the best ways to get inspired by the charms and trends of France. For the matter of fact, French style decor which is considered the pinnacle of European interior design considers leveraging lighting to create a posh and warm look. French Country Style Pull down Ceiling Industrial Lamp has a rise and fall tendency which is quite distinct. It can be moved down or even out of the way, but only with your assistance. These stylish pulley lights are the best fit for workstations, dining table or even for reading purpose.

5.    Gold Cage Pendant Lighting

Ceiling pendant light in a gold cage with a steady suspension and downward facing with a protective cage looks best with filament bulbs. This type of pendant lights has been around for centuries, but maybe in a different texture and vintage look. But we thoroughly believe that we have made all valuable efforts to create the best possible modern interpretation of this lighting style. The gold finish makes it an ideal addition to almost every industrial space, especially the retro ones. They can be installed as a single piece or even in multiples. 

6.    Edison Cage Pendant Chic Light High Gloss Finish

Edison Cage Pendant light is an elegant industrial design which gives life to the old nautical industrial era. This lantern will make an awesome addition to your industrial decor with the perfect black finish and cylindrically shaped filament bulb. The overall visual effect and the warm light make it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor light fittings. 

7.   De Stijl Style

De Stijl Style can be distinguished by the appropriate use of primary colors, geometric shape, and a special appearance which can be utilized to glam up both indoor and outdoor space. Here are few of our designs which qualify to be apt De Stijl Style lamps for a well-organized home and office furnishing. 

a)    Chaste Ivory Classic 1917 De Stijl Style Pendant Lamp

Add this perfect shade of purity and positivity to create an exotic ambiance at a reasonable price. The exceptional functionality traits help in performing multiple with a single lamp. The lamp looks delish for any bedroom, living room, kitchen, and also for office space for those who prefer to keep it bold and stylish.


b)    Sunshine Yellow 1917 Classic Yellow Pendant Lighting

The color yellow picked from the warm and cool of primary color palette brings a lovely shine to your aura. Apart from the color, it offers functional and minimalistic features which are beyond expectations. It reflects the distinct taste that you have in choosing pendant lightings. 

c)    Red Cone Shape Hanging Lamp For Minimal Décor

Red geometric style conical hanging lamp is not just minimal in look but it also matches the urban design thematic. It can elevate the standards of any type of aesthetic if installed in the right portion of your room. The added visual interest of classic geometric design and a shade that complements the overall look makes it worth every penny spent.

d)    Delphic Dark Classic 1917 Industrial Pendant Lighting

Black offers a sophisticated and classy look to your house and can actually grab attention effortlessly. Add this to your space and indulge in the spectacular transformation. It redefines the beauty of pendant lighting fixtures and serves the purpose to exceed your expectations. The matte finish with a perfect holder and yellow wire highlights the simple yet distinct look of color schemes preferred in De Stijl style. 

e)    Scarlet Red De Stijl Interior Style Classic 1917 Pendant Lamp

The red glossy scarlet pendant lamp looks best with a filament bulb. The length of the wire is 35 inches, and hence choose a space in which it will look its best. Usually, people use it on breakfast bar or even an empty corner to glam up space.

f)    Azure Blue D Stijl Inspired Bedside Retro Light


This metal bowl is a classy wall lamp for people who wish to update their home without adding many efforts.  This unique wall lamp can accommodate a variety of décor and has a tendency to stand out in every interior design. Apart from the distinct look, you can also swivel it to the angle you desire and get sufficient lumens. You can either buy two to install on two sides or even just one for the midpoint above the bed.

7.    Industrial Black Cube Modern Interior Ceiling Lamp

It comes with a forged iron cage frame in a geometric shape with a sleek charm to enhance the décor of your dining room, living room or a special corner in your home. It will also complement any kind of loft interior, may it be a transitional or industrial décor. The iron used is highly durable and gives a classy touch to your interior. 

8.    Cobweb Industrial Pendant Lamp

It fits perfect in modern interiors and is a close interpretation of spider webs which gives it a raw appeal. This distinct piece is capable of lighting up your room by offering a charismatic aura. If you hang a bunch of these for a housewarming or simply hang one in your study room, you will be surprised with its semi-matte finish and artistic touch. The design is one of its kinds, and you will never be disappointed for investing in this beauty.  

9.    Geometric Industrial Cube Wall Lamp


The geometric design can actually blend the industrial charm into a minimalistic look and make it the center of attraction. This black cubic frame with a cylindrical bulb can add an array of industrial look with a slight addition of rustic fun to your space. The warm glow that emits while you lit this beautiful piece is truly unmatchable. The design is an ideal choice for living rooms, bedrooms, meditation rooms, dining rooms or even for a creative office decor.

10.    Industrial Conical Midnight Gold Industrial Ceiling Pendant Light

The charm of gold wash combined with the sturdiness of iron makes it the wildest of all light fixtures in our collection. It decorates your space by adding an unusual twist which you have never experienced ever before. This will transform your rooms, especially the kitchen interior to another level, and will give the right amount of light. 

If your taste in industrial light fixtures happily dwells under the eclectic category, you are in a good place when it comes to fixing your decor. We aim to make your space look sassy and bursting with innumerable traits of industrial lightings.  So, light up your space by providing fascinating colors and futuristic patterns which may look expensive but are only a fraction of the price. 


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