Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 1

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 1

We are busy with the present blog series which is throwback to your tour on The Black Steel website. Here we’re talking about the industrial lamps which we spotted in your favorite Hollywood movies. We felt proud when we saw these lamps making an impact on the crucial scenes in this list of movies. Now it’s your turn to experience the thrill in owning these gems from the industrial design world.  

    1. Intern  - Dome Shape Pendant Lamp 


The set design of the movie “Intern” is to die for, as it incorporates all the latest designing trends. The office shown in this movie is in a 19th century warehouse which was renovated into a gorgeous industrial chic office space. The office is airy and spacious, flooded with light, and white colored walls with the high ceiling. The black pendant light fixture is the high point of the office. Although, the movie didn’t get nominated for an Oscar, it is one of the best design inspirations for your home, and especially for office decor. 

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 1

Design Benefits :

  • It can be installed at any height or any space in your home/office/store interior.
  • Available in tons of different options in colors, size and shape.
  • It won’t take up your valuable table space for obvious reasons.

Most compelling feature- This fixture can be hung and adjusted according to personal preference, although it provides sufficient light at a standard height.




  1. 50 shades of grey - Gold Cage Industrial Light

Each piece placed in Christian Grey’s house is timeless, and it perfectly fits in his lavish lifestyle in the movie. This house did grab a lot of attention apart from the script of the movie. The detailing in the decor proved to be a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. 

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 1

These industrial hanging lamps are not only edge of superiority, but a distinct piece of a stylish lamp which will add a balanced aura to your space.

Design Benefits :

  • It illuminates the space where concentrated light is required.
  • Looks stylish and delicate.

Most compelling feature- Can be customized by choosing your own cluster of elegant shades and shapes. For instance, specific scenes in the movie demand bold lighting fixtures and signature shapes in order set the right mood.



  1. 50 shades darker - Drop Line Black Classic Holder

The new version of design in the sets of fifty shades darker is a true masterpiece just like the first part of the movie (Fifty Shades of Grey). The new exclusive and exquisite designs caught attention after the designers renewed Christian Grey’s apartment. Lighting played a crucial role to achieve a practical or aesthetic effect in the interiors, as the most significant scenes were shot in this luxurious apartment.

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 1

Design Benefits

  • It has a minimal yet classy look which will elevate the room decor to another level.
  • These lamps give the perfect amount of brightness without making it look too flashy, no matter how many lamps are hung in the same place.

Most compelling feature- This light fixture in Grey’s bedroom in the movie is of superior quality with minimalistic feature. It will give a sophisticated touch to your bedroom. 

4. Summer of dreams - The Pipe Factory Collection

The scene in the movie might not have much to do with the industrial desk lamp, but can you take your eyes off that beauty? 

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 1

Design Benefits :

  • The look of the lamp itself is original and brand new.
  • Hassle-free installation and takes minimal space on your desk.

Most compelling feature- This will be your best companion while you wish to indulge in deep thoughts and pen down all of those in a magical aura created by this elegant lamp.





 5. Wolf of Wall Street - Core 21 Industrial Pendant Light

Do you recall this office from the movie? This is when he starts out as a small firm in an auto body shop. In early scenes you may even notice car parts on display. But don’t you think this place still had an office feel with appealing industrial lamps.

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 1

Design Benefits

  • These steel cage designed lamps can be hung at any space in your home/office/shop.
  • It comes in different color, size and style and looks best with filament bulb which pops out to make it look less sober.

Most compelling feature- These lamps match a variety of interior in every room including the kitchen space. Hence, you won’t waste much time choosing one of these.





 6. Brooklyn - Grey Retro Pendant Light

This scene is from the boat sets, and the set design looks like something built with a lot of efforts to create a real movement for the actors. Every slight detail including the retro ceiling lamps add more refined look to the overall décor. 

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 1

Design Benefits

  • It comes in different size and shape 
  • Quality work and finishing from craftsmen
  • Easy to install


Most compelling feature- Used in restaurants, cafes and pubs to transform the look of the decor. Your interior doesn’t have to be specific if you have these lamps; it can be modern, contemporary or industrial.





 7. Summer Villa  - Classic corded E27 bulb holders

These distinct lamps hanging like a drop of flame is included in our rope lamp series, where we improvised it by braiding with rope and hoping that it makes you a proud owner of one of finest interpretation of industrial lamps.

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 1 

Design Benefits 

  • If you hang a bunch of these, it can really change the complete personality and mood of the area
  • Cost saving and space saving functional lamps for every occasion

Most compelling feature-This is multi-purpose and installed in the interior space and even outdoors on special occasions. Aren’t they the best investment for a variety of reasons?

 8. Vow - Blue Vintage Industrial Pendant Light

This Blue Vintage Mid-Century Lamps in the kitchen area is giving you a hint that you need one of these soon, in order to win the hearts of your guests with the picturesque view that this stylish piece offers.

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 1

Design Benefits

  • Best craftsmen efforts put together to create an artistic look.
  • The blue color gives a soothing feel with sufficient brightness for the kitchen area.

 Most compelling feature- It looks best in both living room and kitchen area.





 9. Seven 

How can one possibly not notice these banker style lamps shown in a library? Doesn’t it look great with a unique and cool green shade? 

Best Industrial Lamps Hollywood Set Designs - 1

Design Benefits

  • The height of the lamp is just perfect for reading purpose.
  • It is cost-effective compared to the style and functional aspects. 

Most compelling feature- The gloss finish is a proof that you have a great taste in lamp fixtures. These lamps are best to focus, especially while reading or studying as it will certianly hold your interest on the desk.



Final thoughts:-

These movies were very timely for us, and for every industrial design admirers who buy light fixtures, because it proves the importance and benefits of owning these exclusive collections. We are sure that you will get more design lessons to make your house aesthetics look distinct, and also design ideas to create a functional concept space for your office. 


IMAGE SOURCE: INTERN , 50 Shades of grey, 50 shades darker, Summer nights, Wolf of the Wall Street, Brooklyn, VOW, Seven, Summer villa


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