Supermom 2016 | Industrial Decor India | Industrial Furniture

Supermom 2016 | Industrial Decor India | Industrial Furniture

“A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary.” – Dorothy C. Fisher

Mother’s day is just around the corner, a day when we celebrate the most amazing woman in our lives, the one who gave us the gift of life, and continues to enthrall us with her strength to cope up with the most difficult situations of our lives. A woman, who pushes us to our limits, and makes us stronger, guiding us at each step, holding our hands, and never once taking the credit for it. She is the one, who writes our destiny using the ink of her efforts and rephrases every paragraph, to lead us towards our ultimate happiness.

The thrill of creating something special can only be felt truly, when we get appreciation for it. We occasionally get such bouts of happiness when our customers drop in their thoughts and tell us how The Black Steel’s designs grace their homes and hearts alike. We started our Customer Testimonial section, to share these wonderfully phrased and thought out words. After all, true happiness is felt best, when shared with those who matter, and for us at The Black Steel, you, our customers, matter the most.

So while we were recently surfing through our mails, one particularly caught our attention. It was, by a mother, who wanted to surprise her son, who is returning from hostel next month. She did it in a way that expressed her exquisite style.

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Mrs. Alka Mago placed an order for our bestselling French Desk On Wheels Antique Iron TableThere it sat, serving as the perfect piece of utility in Nikhit’s bedroom, enriched with a classic vintage persona, and we just could not believe our eyes, how it belonged there.


Mrs. Mago wrote a very sweet note to us too; 

“I wanted a table for my son's room which was eclectic and distinct and would add to the charm of his room. Most bedside and study tables online were so ordinary until I chanced upon this table at The design is modern and distinctive just as I wanted it. 

I am sure when my son comes back home from his hostel next month he would love this addition to his room. 

Although the table got delayed but their customer service was impeccable!” 

We got the best gift this mother’s day. We made a mother happy :)

A very happy mother's day to you all!

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