Spruce up your home with these quirky and unconventional Christmas decor ideas!

Spruce up your home with these quirky and unconventional Christmas decor ideas!

Christmas is just around the corner and 2018 isn’t about straightforward lighting décor and traditional small decor hangings on a Christmas tree. This season is calling some of the eccentric lighting decor ideas that will amplify the look of your home while taking your standards a notch above. 

Tons of proven décor ideas aren’t time-consuming and aren’t much complicated. All you need is quality instruments and some DIY techniques to attain a great look that is worth appreciation.

The Rustic Décor

If you are up with something earthy, then you should opt for this décor style. You can bring your home some modish and stylish festive pitchers for a farmhouse look and can be-suit them with elegant lighting. You can even take in use of some of the re-usable bell jars and deploy them as candle holders with potted plants for a rustic country style look. 

Wall Sconces and Ceiling Lamps

If you have a modern industrial loft that is already in its best shape and there’s no space for any other additional elements, then sticking to the basics will be good enough. You can put some wall sconces and ceiling lamps in every corner of your area to make them fuller and brighter. 

a close up of a light bulb

The Crisp Christmas Lanterns

If you are really into something DIY, then this idea can be a real deal. You can fabricate some lanterns from rice paper and even cardboard boxes. Add some sequins or glitter to it for final assessment. Dandle it on one of the prominent places of your home and light it up for a perfect Christmas décor look.

 The Old-Style Décor

For the abodes that love elegance and supreme classic style regimen, this idea is simply great. You can group some quirky candle glasses arranged with ornaments and motives. If you don’t have access to these candle glasses, don’t panic! You can land your hands on a wooden barn rope chandelier to bring out the essence of conventional look while making sure that you have invested your fortune in something that is reusable and is ready to cater the decorous look for coming years.

The Great Outdoors

The first and foremost impression of your Christmas décor is the outdoors. Every individual keeps an eye on the outdoor décor before stepping into your home. You should always take advantage of the early winter chills by dangling some single roped wall lanterns in your patio or your garden. Incorporating some stunning bespoke hanging fixtures will be cherries on the cake and will bestow you with a clustered look for a complete festive look.


a view of a city at sunset

Christmas is a one-of-a-kind and fun festival of lights and celebrations, but that doesn’t mean you should dig a hole in your pocket. By implementing these quirky ideas, you will save a decent amount of money as some of the elements like chandeliers and wall sconces are re-usable too. So you can groom your space with these classy elements while making your Christmas much classier and full of lights.

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