Decorative Lights Rapidly Strides With Our Customer's Unique Preferences

Whether it is a conical shape retro style lamp which exposes the bulb inside or a brass antique holder, we have all one-of-a-kind pieces designed for diverse interiors. We make sure that our lighting fixtures are capable of turning an everyday function into a perfect aesthetic experience. The classy colors and shades keep the appearance of every fixture vivid and exquisite. If you are looking for a minimalist vibe in any space just like our existing customers, the below-mentioned lighting designs have ideal illuminating features. 

1. E27 Minimal Brass Antique Holder with Tungsten Filament Bulb

Brass antique holder brings luxury to any room, and the gold shade with antique brass accents offers a unified presentation. While being streamlined, this transitionally designed fixture is appropriate for commercial, restaurants, cafe, and modern industrial home décor. The Black Steel collection specializes in detailing, and the brass antique holder clubbed with tungsten filament bulb is nothing less than a classy urban contemporary design. Over a period of time tungsten filament bulb one of the best choice for filaments among the customers as it emits twice as much brightness which lasts longer. 

Special Traits:-

  • Height is adjustable as per your need and designing plans
  • Seamless installation of DIY lighting skills (Do It Yourself)
modern pendant lighting interior design

The snaps are taken from a space designed at our customer’s abode in New Delhi.  The customer was passionate about quality when he got hooked on this minimal looking beauty. They are so in tune with the interior and look neat with a modern edge.

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2. Nordic conical pendant light

This is definitely a unique series of pendant lights which is basically influenced by forms of mountains. The class of gold wash combined with the black matte finish on top cover showcases a perfect vintage look. You can get them for your dining hall, kitchen area, study room, and even for commercial spaces. A single lamp can flood a sizeable area with brightness and also grip all the attention. 

Special Traits:-

  • Height is adjustable as per your need and designing plans
  • Seamless installation with DIY lighting skills (Do It Yourself)
  • Minimalistic design for modern kitchen lighting
  • Remains the highlight of the decor
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It offers a quirky look with asymmetrical conical shape and sufficient lumens by hanging in the perfect spot. In this image, The Black Steel customer has created a new look with two Nordic style conical lamps, and have merged it with matching details to get a trendy kitchen lighting decor!


3. Nordic conical pendant light (Custom- made for sophisticated bedroom interiors)

Lighting is the backbone of designing your space, and the conical pendant light inspired by Nordic style gives immense pleasure after setting it to the desired room. Well, the reason behind this is our custom-made Nordic conical pendant light for a perfect bedroom set up. We have just pushed the level of its functional traits to another level with customization. 

Special Traits:-

  • Height is adjustable as per your need and designing plans
  • Seamless installation of DIY lighting skills (Do It Yourself)
  • Customization without disturbing the feel and look of the design
  • Due to its versatile qualities, it possible to use it as decorative lamps for living room 

We believe customization can give complete satisfaction to the customers. The designs of different lamps may look appealing, but it is important that they do justice to your planned or existing decor.

We enjoy introducing products with slight variation but when it is added to your space you will get an entirely new look. This is possible by combining modern trends to vintage designs with a blend of creativity.  Draw inspiration from these unique choices made by our customers, and initiate exclusive interior decorating ideas for residential and commercial spaces.

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