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An airport is a place where many people spend time waiting for the beginning of a new journey, leisure trip or a business trip; no matter what the reason maybe, or to which place you are traveling, the only thing that stays constant is the positive ambiance inside the airport. The warmer and softer finishing of an airport interior is always pleasing. Over the past few years, airport interiors have evolved immensely with fun and futuristic appearance. Architects and Interior designers all over the globe have constantly worked on developing brand new intricate and striking designs for different airports. Every...

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Stunning industrial café interiors contribute in adding value in the minds of consumers. Café décor has become as important as the coffee brewing in it. It’s not only the quality of coffee served is all that matters to the customers these days, but also the purpose of having the coffee. Being able to get your consumers hooked up on your coffee shop is very important and this is just about the good vibes that they feel while spending their time sipping coffee or indulging in delicious snacks.  Designers prefer industrial light fittings due to its rising demand among consumers. This...

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At The Black Steel, Scandinavian interior is the watchword when innovating new products and interior design ideas. Simple, practical and energy efficient, our dazzling inspirations transform the interiors of any space into a classy arena without sacrificing beauty. Why Scandinavian design interior setting, you ask? Well, the philosophy focuses to give your space a simplistic yet balanced makeover, at a reasonable cost.  The phrase ‘less is more’ finds its relevance all the more in present modern interior design idea, however, that is where the Scandinavian style of oversimplified furnishing comes in. Minimalistic in nature, as we said in the earlier blog,...

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The Black Steel adds yet another feather to its cap, all with the love of customers like you, who make us what we are. Our rugged designs which are a form of crude industrial reminiscence could never have got moving, had it not been for the trust that our customers put in us, along with faith and trust in brand which got it going. So what makes a luxury magazine for discerning male and a brand with resilient creations click! The MAN features and projects the very idea that we have been trying to place in the hearts and abodes...

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Are you planning a loft conversion project? Well, then let’s get real here; is your loft suitable for conversion? Before we start with the styling and design we should be sure about the fundamentals. The suitability depends on dimensions like head height, pitch angle and type of roof structure. This is the right approach towards planning your dream loft where you would want to curl up all day. Designing a loft space is a challenging yet attainable task if handled with the right approach. Loft spaces are not really a new concept in our country. It has been around since...

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