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Subtle and Simple, Model-C light fixtures provide a touch of class to your room décor. Inspired by the ideal of minimalistic approach, the classic lamps allude an effortless charm. With simplicity as the core idea, our classic light fixtures provide a myriad of designs that integrate well into your living space. 

From wall scones to ceiling lamps, each of our classic design is a reflection of our motivation to create light installations that illuminate with the minimalistic use of your space. The design, frame and structure of these classic light fixtures are precisely suited for modern-day simple & monochromatic themes and create a character for your living space. 

The Farmhouse Opulence Candelabra Barn Pendant suspended gracefully above a rustic farmhouse dining table, emitting a warm and inviting glow.

CLR119 Farmhouse Candelabra Barn Pendant Light

Rs. 11,990.00Rs. 12,590.00
victorian industrial oppulence chandelier 6 lights for farm house

CLR118 Victorian-Industrial Opulence

Rs. 27,590.00Rs. 29,990.00
wall lights industrial

CWS153 Gold Coast Retreat Teak Wood Wall Fixture

Rs. 15,590.00Rs. 16,490.00
luxury light chandelier bespoke customized lamps

CLR117 The Quadra Luxe Chandelier

Rs. 17,590.00Rs. 18,990.00
CLR116 Concrete Luxe Chandelier

CLR116 Concrete Luxe Chandelier

Rs. 41,690.00Rs. 42,290.00
led lamp industrial

CLR115 Dover Minimalist Chandelier

Rs. 15,690.00Rs. 16,290.00
garage industrial wall light

CWS150 Industrial Garage Wall Lamp

Rs. 11,490.00Rs. 11,890.00
Dining chandelier

CLR114 Madison Dining Lamp

Rs. 21,990.00Rs. 22,890.00
dining light minimal

CLR113 Linear Wooden Light

Rs. 14,990.00Rs. 15,490.00
CLR112 Over-Table Dining Light

CLR112 Over-Table Dining Light

Rs. 11,990.00Rs. 12,390.00
CWS148 Hand Carved Metal Wall Lamp

CWS148 Hand Carved Metal Wall Lamp

Rs. 5,990.00Rs. 6,190.00