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Glimpses of great designs in Industrial lamps are shown in movies, events or stage shows as there is something for every situation. They smoothly merge into the present designs with the past and have an enchanting history behind every piece. Our Industrial lamps epitomize a unique fusion of antique industrial parts and contemporary craftsmanship. 

Whether you are a devoted fan of industrial decor or not, you will eventually develop a fondness for these lamps as their uniqueness suits for just about anyone. They are fantastic gifts, especially for people who are fascinated by the history.

If you are looking for retro or modern industrial lighting that doubles the artwork, then you will love the intricate details in floor lamps, ceiling lamps, wall sconces and desk lamps from our exclusive collection. In “The Black Steel Collection” you will surely find something that speaks to you.

The Farmhouse Opulence Candelabra Barn Pendant suspended gracefully above a rustic farmhouse dining table, emitting a warm and inviting glow.

CLR119 Farmhouse Candelabra Barn Pendant Light

Rs. 11,990.00Rs. 12,590.00
victorian industrial oppulence chandelier 6 lights for farm house

CLR118 Victorian-Industrial Opulence

Rs. 27,590.00Rs. 29,990.00
wall lights industrial

CWS153 Gold Coast Retreat Teak Wood Wall Fixture

Rs. 15,590.00Rs. 16,490.00
luxury light chandelier bespoke customized lamps

CLR117 The Quadra Luxe Chandelier

Rs. 17,590.00Rs. 18,990.00
CLR116 Concrete Luxe Chandelier

CLR116 Concrete Luxe Chandelier

Rs. 41,690.00Rs. 42,290.00
led lamp industrial

CLR115 Dover Minimalist Chandelier

Rs. 15,690.00Rs. 16,290.00
garage industrial wall light

CWS150 Industrial Garage Wall Lamp

Rs. 11,490.00Rs. 11,890.00
Dining chandelier

CLR114 Madison Dining Lamp

Rs. 21,990.00Rs. 22,890.00
dining light minimal

CLR113 Linear Wooden Light

Rs. 14,990.00Rs. 15,490.00
CLR112 Over-Table Dining Light

CLR112 Over-Table Dining Light

Rs. 11,990.00Rs. 12,390.00
CWS148 Hand Carved Metal Wall Lamp

CWS148 Hand Carved Metal Wall Lamp

Rs. 5,990.00Rs. 6,190.00
wooden wall lights bulb bar cafe theblacksteel

CWS147 Lodge Wooden Wall Sconce

Rs. 4,090.00Rs. 4,490.00
Dunkrik bedroom floor lamp brown chair art industrial

CLF112 Dunkirk FLoor Lamp

Rs. 11,290.00Rs. 11,690.00