Honeycomb Hexagon Wall Decor – The Black Steel

Honeycomb Hexagon Wall Decor

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Searching for a stylish and elegant way to set up your wall? Here's top choice amongst the best wall decor designs. 

Honeycomb hexagon wall decor instantly converts your livingroom or bedroom into an art space. The installation covers a space of 4ft x 2ft and can be re-arranged to suit your taste and requirement. 

  • Material - Please see image#4
  • Dimensions:  8" x 9" Hexagon 
  • Style - Geometrical Decor 
  • Color - Multicolor
  • Ships in 7-10 days



  • How to hang this? Does it come with hooks or something?

    Hello, yes. The hexagaons are preinstalled with hooks in the back to allow ease of installation. It has very less weight and can hang on a small size nail. Thanks

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