Your beach resort lighting checklist – The Black Steel

Your beach resort lighting checklist


Mar 06, 2023

Industrial Beach Charm 

As summer approaches, beach resorts are preparing for an influx of tourists. From cozy hotels to large resorts, every hotel strives to make its guests' stay as pleasant and memorable as possible. One of the most important aspects that can enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of a beach resort is lighting. In this blog, we'll explore industrial lighting inspiration that can transform a beach resort into a modern and glamorous space.

Urban Industrial

Industrial lighting is known for its minimalist design, exposed bulbs, and metal fixtures. This type of lighting is perfect for resorts as it complements the surrounding natural beauty like sand, water and rocks. Additionally, industrial lighting is durable and can withstand the salty air and humidity of the beach.

Nautical Pendant lights 

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industrial lampmodern pendant light
Rs. 13,690.00
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concrete hanging lightunique concrete designs architecture
Rs. 4,490.00
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    Finest creation of industrial décor, this can light up your living room of your resort's living space, with a subtlety. Go back into time with this unique piece of industrial furnishing, which is high on quality and durability.

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    Bring unique minimal charm to your beach resort with this concrete Black Steel light fixture.

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    With Industrial flair and a detachable gold grill, this vintage lighting is a great choice of low ceiling lamp. It has a versatile appearance and with a touch of gold it delivers a sophisticated and stylish aesthetic. . 

Pendant lighting

One way to incorporate industrial lighting into a resort is to use pendant lights. The pendant lights are versatile and can be used in different areas such as the hall, the dining room and the swimming pool. For a resort, we recommend using metal or rope suspensions. The metal finish adds an industrial touch while the rope finish gives a rustic, nautical feel.

Wall Sconce

Another way to incorporate industrial lighting is through the use of wall sconces. Wall sconces are perfect for illuminating hallways and walkways. They can be placed at regular intervals to create a cohesive and functional lighting design. For a resort, we recommend using metal or wooden wall sconces. The metal finish adds an industrial touch, while the wood finish gives a warm, organic feel.

Let's bring the party to the bar!

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CFR114 Nordic Modern Minimalist High Bar Stoolhigh bar chair for kitchen
Rs. 12,290.00
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industrial side table teak wood iron frame iron frame side table
Rs. 5,990.00
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Everything for your lounge

Now let's talk about the bar area. Bar stools and a metal center table can add a touch of industrial design to the room. For bar stools, we recommend using metal stools with an aged finish. The distressed finish gives a vintage look and complements industrial lighting. For the center table, we recommend using a metal table with a wooden top. The metal base adds an industrial touch while the wooden top gives a warm and welcoming feel.


In summary, incorporating industrial lighting into a resort can enhance its aesthetics and ambiance. A harmonious and functional lighting design can be created with pendant lights and wall sconces made of metal or rope. Bar stools and a metal center table can add a touch of industrial design to the bar area. With these industrial lighting inspirations, a resort can provide guests with a modern and welcoming experience.

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